Prototype to product conversion

Hey guys!
i need some advice here.I have working prototype on particle photon.contains photon,RFID reader,temperature sensor, etc
i think it is better to use P1 0r P0 is my

  1. if i am going with any of the above.Is all the pcb files are available for eagle for P0 and p1?i am not able to find files for P0 and P1.
  2. i think designing using p1 will be easier than P0 since p1 have inbuilt that eight?
  3. i hope i can use eagle free version for design this PCB? is there any better option?Or is there any problem with designing using eagle?
  4. I also have a plan to recreate this one using particle electron photon have smaller version p0 and there any smaller version of electron is available?
  5. Or should i have to use particle electron itself in product if i am using electron for my prototype
  6. Is there are any products already that uses electron?
  7. what is the best method to go from an electron based o product?
    can you guys please comment your thoughts?
    2)Yes I would say so and it also has a socket for an external one but it is also bigger…
    3)Free/cheap versions of cad packages are typically limited in some way in terms of how complicated the board can be. By using Eagle you get to use the supplied Eagle library parts, use something else and you’ll have to create them from the drawings. Whether the free version is good enough for your needs depends entirely on your design.
    4)Nope but there is talk of a surface mountable version soon maybe
    5)Well they are very similar, but you need to be much more careful with how you use data with an Electron or $$$.
    7)Carefully and with testing…?