Photon P1 in multiples of 1?

Hi Particle folks! Is it ever going to be possible to get the P1 as just one or two, instead of having to buy them 10 at a time? Thanks!

@mumblepins, I can’t tell you if onezies are going to be available but Sparkfun will have the Photon P1 redboard available soon:

But I want smaller not bigger! :slight_smile: Ah well, I might just have to suck it up and shell out 120$. Then I can give some to friends.

@mumblepins, did you know that you can mount a Photon on a board using its castellated edges (ie, no header pins)? The P1 adds an external flash eeprom but if you don’t need that, the Photon has the buttons, the LED and the USB connector already installed for you :grinning:

If someone opened up a Tindie store to sell these one at a time, I’d buy one.

Hey @mumblepins. Unfortunately, we’re not planning on selling the discrete modules one at a time. @peekay123’s suggestion of soldering down a Photon is a good one if you’re looking to save some money/time on a single unit. The strips of modules are intended for those entering into small volume production trials with pick and place. Plus, if you’re prototyping a new design, you’re definitely going to want more than one!

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