Photon P1 PCB design

I am building a Photon-based product and am looking for some advice on going from a breadboard to a PCB. The product is very basic, and includes a single sensor.

Are there any open source PCB designs available that I can start from? Something that includes everything as documented here:

  • Photon on a P1 module
  • RGB LED and ‘setup’ button
  • Power supply/Voltage regulator
  • JTAG programming pins
  • Serial Test Pads

Beyond this, I have a single sensor connected to A0.

This seems to be the most basic product one can build with the Photon, and I figured there would be some PCB design files out there that I can start from or slightly modify for my own use.

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Ruku,
I hope you don’t mind if I respond to your post as I am in a similar but opposite position. I do PCB design for a living and am well within my comfort zone there, but I will struggle with other aspects of bringing a particle based design to production. I wonder if you might be interested in collaborating on some level? If we both end up getting where we want to be quicker, then so much the better.

Let me know if you would like to knock the idea around a bit…

All the best,


Sparkfun created a P1 RED board and they provide all the design files here:

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Thanks! This is a useful reference.

Thanks, Al. I am exploring a few other options right now, but I will get back to you as needed. Thanks again!