Trade your Photon for a P1

After doing more reading on the P1 vs Photon, I’m realizing that Photon is more appropriate for my current needs (small run of prototypes). However, I’ve ordered a roll of P1’s in the first batch.

Anybody interested in trading their Photon for a P1? Ideally somebody would trade me 10 x Photons for my roll of 10 x P1, but I’ll do one at a time if I need to. (I haven’t received my P1s yet, but I’m assuming I can split them out easy enough.)

I’m happy to cover the difference in cost between the modules.

Happy to discuss more here or over email:

What are you reasons for wanting a Photon over a P1? Are you pretty capable when it comes to soldering? I only ask because if you are mainly interested in things like breadboard compatibility a breakout board, something I already need to do, could be created which gave you that functionality. Simple things, like buttons, an RGB LED, etc could be added as well

@harrisonhjones good question.

Pretty much what you listed: breadboard, mode and reset buttons, status LED, and USB power.

I don’t have a problem soldering so I’m interested in your breakout board. However it seems like getting that going is going to be more pain than just using a Photon.

Probably true but breakout boards could be quite cheap. The cost is in time to solder everything, source components, etc.

If you can get by without a lot of components (use the breadboard power rails, use your own RGB Led, your own buttons), and mainly leverage the breadboard compatibility a P0/P1 breakout board makes a lot of sense. If you are trying to re-create the photon then I would just pre-order one or try your trade

[Edit] I would probably look into two breakout boards: one for the P0/P1 and one for all the extra stuff which you can populate as you need to


i don’t think your card is charged till it actually ships. You can actually change you order but the next photon shipment should be like may-ish

Good point @kennethlimcp.

I was hoping I could avoid getting in the back of the line, but that may be what I end up doing.

@chap I’ll be getting 20 photons and don’t have a use for all of them I will trade you 10 of my photons for the 10 P1’s if this is still open.

You’re a life saver! Sending you a private message now.