Spark Powered Page?

Whilst browsing some Kickstarter products, and seeing some other products come past my desk, I noticed that a lot of them are now Spark Core powered…

What I think would be great for the community as a whole would be to offer a “Spark Powered” page which lists all the projects that are powered with the Spark Core as the core component (no pun intended)

This could simply be a section in the shop, a page in the documentation or maybe a dedicated page on the main site that is maintained by the Spark staff as new products are vetted and added.

I personally would love to see such a page and would look at purchasing products powered by the Spark :slight_smile: which in turn increases the profitability/economy of the whole community

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I didn’t even know there were kickstarters or other products that use spark core :o

Have you guys tried checking ;)?

I must of missed that whole section, would be nice to have it more highlighted with a link at the top with some text along the lines of “Spark Powered Products”

Also missing is the :smile:

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Don’t worry about it, happens to the best of us. For ways to make it more prominent I’d rather refer to @Steph.
For the Choosatron we’d best tag @jerrytron, since he proably knows more about it than I do :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be on the front page, or rather the Choosatron. No idea why it isn’t there anymore. :confused: @steph?

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Hey guys! Great points here and thanks for the ideas :slight_smile: We’re actually pushing out a new site here pretty soon so will take this into consideration as we do so. And @jerrytron I think it’s just a product of rotating links but we’ll get a dedicated Spark Powered page going soon!