Kickstarter campaign-Blynk

Has anyone seen this on kickstarter?
Looks like it could be a nice link into iPhone for your data.


Hi there,

Glad you noticed our project. Blynk team would be happy to get feedback from this amazing community.

You can also reach us here:

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I saw this a few days ago. I’m pretty sure I’m about to be a backer. I’d love to back for $100, but I haven’t found anyone willing to outright give me that much money. My wife will probably let me live at the $20 level, though.


Glad you liked it :slight_smile: Even a good word means a lot for us! Thanks

@wgbartley, I pledged to the $40 level cause I own both IOS and Android stuff. I look forward to getting it! :smile:

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Blynk would love to support Spark Core very soon. Trying to reach out to @zach or someone from his awesome Spark team.

If you haven’t already shoot an email to and we’ll get you connected to the right people

Thank you @harrisonhjones ! I will do so. I also wrote to @Steph as well.

@Escko My knowledge of Apple developer program is somewhat rusty, but AFAIK, you will not be able to provide free version of app to backers while having paid version in the app store. Unless Apple implemented some kind of vouchers. So far every Kickstarter I backed was not able to provide paid iOS app for free. Did something changed in last year or so?

@lami - Is there a way to bypass it with an in-app purchase kind of thing?

@Escko - You hit your goal! Congrats! I really look forward to seeing Spark support! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help too!


Yea I just saw this also and it looks to possibly be the perfect low cost, low frustration way of getting my products to send and show data on both phone formats.

I hope to see this up and working soon!

@lami That’s a very good and complex question. You are mostly right. We have a few ideas on how to bypass it and will try them one by one. We also have a backup solution for KK backers to install Blynk directly, but we don’t consider it to be our primary focus. We will experiment.


Thank you!

We decided to refresh our communication layer since we’ve got a new very good embedded solution architect in our team. As we finalize it, we would like to get feedback from Spark community. And we might need help in building a perfect library to support Spark Core with Blynk!

I’m really looking forward to making it happen.


Looks very nice!

I would love to pledge but sadly, I have no credit card. I will have to wait for the app to be in the play store :smile:

Edit: I totally forgot about prepaid creditcards, bought one and used it do pledge :smile:


OK I’m in, $20 for the iOS set - pledge made job done. Now, what to make???

Woha ha ha ha :smile:

Roll on April.

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Hey @Escko, I’m in too! looking forward to get involved with the testing :wink:

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Oh wow @TheHawk1337! That was a quite a challenge! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Julian, @Hootie81, thanks for support!

While we are working on the first release, please everyone come up with widget ideas you have!

There might be a situation where I’ll be responding: “We already have it”, “We already have it” :slight_smile: but we also might invent something awesome and something that everyone needs.

How about a android widgets so I can see a temp on my phones home screen without opening the app or have a couple of buttons etc.


@Escko Worth it though :wink: Can’t wait until its release :smile:

About ideas:

How about instead of using GPS locations, use the phone masts to determine the aprox location and using a lot less battery. See for an app that uses the same idea.

Also, how about logging data instead of only plotting it so you could use it on your pc for further analysis.

Another: Using the alarm on your phone to trigger an action on the arduino? :smile: