Arduino Day / Spark Day

Just spotted that its Arduino Day on the 29th March. How about a Spark Day on May 3rd (1 year anniversary since the launch of the Kickstarter).

We could run a small competition to find the best Spark Core uses - most creative / cool, most original, greenest, most complex etc.

Perhaps the :spark: team might consider some freebies as prizes !


Fun idea! I would love to see what people are working on, and maybe we could do a hangout or something as well. :slight_smile:


What a great idea! Ping @Steph — just making sure this is on your radar.

I love this idea @Kitard!! Will get working on it…

We’ve got some other contest things planned for the future as well :wink:

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You guys & gals on the Spark Team would know better than anyone but, how about “Best Project of the Month” using a Spark Core ? Some kind of reward, prize or status.