Spark is now Particle!

We have changed our name to Particle!

Check it out here!


Mind Blowing!

So many “Spark Core” references out on the interweb…

***“Particle Core”***… ***“Particle Photon”***… ***“Particle Electron”***… it’s gonna be hard to hammer into my lexicon, but as a HUGE fan, heck, I’ll change my name to Sally if you guys thought it would help!!!

Congrats on the new moniker and I hope it brings in a lot of products, fun (and financing!!!).



Congrats on the name change!

I have to admit, when I first saw the Core on Kick starter I thought Spark was related to SparkFun. So the name makes since!

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I would have found ya’ll faster if I didn’t spend a month confusing you with sparkfun.

I like the new name.


Oh man… I just got my spark tee’s 3 days ago! Maybe they will become a collectors item one day when :spark: particle takes over the world

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist playing with the change of the name from Spark to Particle.


From now on, I’m calling it “Sparkticle”.

Okay, not really. :wink:

Right now, I’m just looking forward to receiving my Photons and Electrons. Maybe there will be some Neutrons in our future. After that… Neutrinos, Quarks, Muons, Bosons…?


The API change somehow broke my website - it reported an expired token. Was it just coincidence?
Creating a new token did not solve the problem so I had to also switch over to ‘

Sooo… I just need to replace to on the API side? Do I need to reupload the sketches? What about the CLI? Still spark list?

the CLI is now particle-cli :slight_smile:

Version 1.5.0 is available on NPM as we speak. Once you install it (npm install -g particle-cli), you will be able to use it just as you would the spark command, but instead via the particle command!

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Hi Markus — It must just be a coincidence. I just verified that if I use a valid (not expired) access token, it works seamlessly against either or with identical results.

Take a look at our API docs for listing all your access tokens, and double check requests with a few of them against both domain names. If you still see problems, don’t hesitate to post again.

Cheers! :smile:

Hacking away on Maker Faire demos…

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I like the new name. Obviously you guys have been preparing for this name change for some time. The name change helps me - there is a big company in NZ called “Spark” which caused people here some confusion. Good job.

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Thanks @philipq! Yeah, Spark NZ was one of the reasons we decided to make the change.

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If I were to use a Particle device to talk to Apache Wave, would that be wave-particle duality?


One aspect of the name change which makes things more difficult for me is when doing google searches.

searches for things related to “particle photon” give a lot physics based results mixed in. google seems to have sorted “spark core” so that it mostly finds what I am looking for - with some Apache Spark search results thrown in.

A more unique name like temboo would have made life easier for internet searches.
I guess it will get better (except if you are into particle physics :smile: ) once google gets with the program and puts all the physics results at the end.

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