Roadmap for migration from SPARK to PARTICLE?

Continuing the discussion from Spark is now Particle!:

Is there a roadmap for the migration of the libraries, functions, variables, constants from SPARK to PARTICLE?


Same question for the GitHub repository.

No luck, is already taken!

Yup! We’ll be migrating repositories and renaming projects, and we’ll continue to link from Spark to ParticleIo on github I believe ->

But this’ll be announced in more detail in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:


Man… updating all of this code is going to be a huge task for you guys. It’s a big enough job for my own repos, and I’ve only got a few of them kicking around.

What kind of timeline and compatibility are we looking at for the JS library, Mobile SDK and Arduino-side cloud functions?

If present names with Spark stay unchanged, that’s perfect! Less work for everyone.