All codes from former Spark Build tool are... lost?

Hi everyone!

I haven’t logged in here for a while. Actually I haven’t come back here since the name change from Spark to Particle. I have spent some time creating running code with the early Spark Core modules, and I now also have a couple of Photon modules. I wanted to reuse the code I had created for the Core modules, but now when I log in into the Particle Build IDE, all my saved codes seem to be gone.

Any chance I could find those codes? One of them in particular was sending twitter statuses and took me some time to have it working, I’d like to avoid to restart from scratch.

Thanks for your help!


ping @harrisonhjones he helped me a while a go with this kind of problem.

Could you try logging in again? It’s very easy to accidentally create a new account with a typo in it.