Have I just lost all my work from Particle Build?


I’ve been working today on my first app for my Spark Core. Went really well and had got loads done using a machine at work. I intended to continue this evening at home. Thing is I’d left myself logged in at home and all I can see is the code I had yesterday, not todays code at all. Tried refreshing the browser but nothing. Logged out and back in and still nothing, the old code is still there. So whats happened to all the code I wrote today on the other machine? Have I lost it all? I don’t have access to that machine until Monday now to see if its still on screen there to mean I’ve not lost it. When you hit save on a file is it not saving to the cloud?


Ping @jgoggins

Hi @PeteStewardson,

You probably didn’t lose your code unless you deleted the project. It’s really easy to create a user account when logging into the IDE, double-check and make sure you’re using the same email address in the account and you didn’t make a typo by mistake. (This happens somewhat often :slight_smile: )



I’m definitely logged in with the same account on both machines. When I logged in to the account on my work machine it showed where I had left off at home, but now home doesn’t show what my work machine did at all, it’s like I’d not updated the project at all and I’ve made quite a few changes :frowning:

As an update, I happened to be passing work so dropped in to see if I could access the project I had yesterday from there. I’d closed down the browser window to build.particle.io so had to log in again. Sadly if I log in I just see the same project from home now. So I have lost an afternoons work.

This looks to me like the build system isn’t ready for use on different machines. I may just go back to Arduino since this won’t be an issue then. The Particle range looks promising, but I think the tools are still too beta like to be something I can use for a potentially commercial project.

@PeteStewardson it is a web application and moving should not cause the change in files.

Can you PM @Dave with your email address used to log in and he should be able to check.


You can consider using Particle Dev which will save the files locally.

As I’ve never seen this behaviour and I’m using Particle Build a lot and for a long time now and on several different machines with different OSs, I don’t feel that this reflects the actual state of Web IDE

Sure there are things that need improvement, but loosing code wasn’t one of them.

So I dare to ask a very dangerous and possibly heretic question:

Have you definetly saved or built the code on the work machine and got the “Firmware was saved successfully” message?

Could you PM Dave also the time when you did your updates (including time zone ;-))?
He might be able to track your save attempts in the logs.

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Hi @PeteStewardson

Just one more point–I have seen times when incognito mode, particularly in Chrome, makes the web IDE work better. Chrome tries to cache stuff really hard and that seems to hurt certain web apps.


Just as an update I have my data back now thanks to @Dave

It seems you need to be very careful about closing any open browser windows you’re not using in case you then inadvertently do something later in an old browser window that performs a save losing your edits. I think there should be a check to make sure your window is looking at the latest version of a file before you are allowed to save over it TBH.

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So I have worked all day in a application for someone, and when went to my laptop tonight to continue working on it, and the open app on my laptop saved over with the old version and I cant find the my new version. The old version is about 8 hours of work ago and the new versions is really needed. I’m use to using git, and other ways to keep track of work does the Web IDE doing something similar?

–> Is there away to look at perviously saved web IDE apps? If so please pleases explain how to find the good app again!


Hi @Nicholas,

We don’t have an API for this yet, but I can pull revisions of a project from the database if you accidentally saved over a lot of work. Feel free to PM me the url for your project, and I’ll take a look.



Hi @Dave,

5 out of 8 of my students had the same issue of lost of all the code in the past two days. All the files were gone, and at the same time, the function of adding libraries didn’t work anymore (“include in project” button did not show up and library files did not exist). I was 100% sure that we had the correct login. There was definitely something wrong with the account and the web ide. I would like to ask your help on recovering all files. Thank you.

@Dave Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread but the same thing has happened to me and I would love to get back the previous version of my code.

Hi @wanderr,

Sadly I’m not able to help with this anymore as I’m no longer at Particle (just a helpful community member). Try emailing them at hello@particle.io and hopefully the support team should be able to help.