Lost all the saved code with the migration [SOLVED]

Don’t know if I am the only one, but all the code saved under build.spark.io is now gone under build.particle.io
Also, my Cores are not listed either, as if my account was reset.

I hope this is not permanent.

Hi @smonn,

Hmm, I’m betting you logged in with a different account on Particle than what you had on Spark. It’s really easy to create a new account. Can you check your browser password manager and try logging in with exactly what’s stored there on Particle?


You are absolutely right, There was a typo in my email adress, but how come it created an account for this adress / password combination?


Today I logged into the Spark (particle) web ide (https://build.particle.io/build) and all my code is gone! What do I do?
Edit: Similar to Lost all the saved code with the migration [SOLVED] , I mistyped my email. My bad! But it is interesting that the ide came up even with a bad login.