Branding Question: Is the Spark Photon a Core?

Hi @zach @Steph

Just a branding, terminology question about the new Spark Photon (which looks sweet).

Is the Spark Photon a Core?

What do I call a group of Spark Photons and Spark Cores? (Anything better than Spark devices?)

Just curious, thanks!

Hey Brett!

Great question! I call both of them wi-fi development kits or dev kits. They’re stand alone so while they’re both dev kits the Photon is not a Core, and the Core is not a Photon.

Spark wi-fi dev kits, Spark prototyping tools, Spark development boards all work but my fave is “Spark Wi-Fi Development Kits” probably.


Thanks again!

“Spark-IO’s” [Spark-ieh-ohs], “Spark-devs”, or my personal favorite: “Sparkies”


@peekay123’s wife calls all his Spark friends “Sparklers”.

Photon and Core can probably be described by something outer-spacey physics-related something or maybe something more light-hearted.


Something like “Sparkticles”?

Someone may find that too __core__ny.

(Not really, I was just looking for an excuse to say __core__ny)


I am so glad I started this thread :smile:

@Moors7 How do I spell the singular of Sparkies? Sparky or Sparkie?

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So am I :blush:

As to how you spell it; I have absolutely no idea. Seeing as a lot of stuff in english is ended with -y, I guess we could go with that one(?)

I just call them Sparks. Even before the Photon, I’d refer to my Core as a Spark, cause it’s faster and easier than saying “Spark Core”.

This entire thread makes me so happy.


I think the singular is “Sparky” with a plural form of “Sparkies”.

Ok so those fireworks things that throw off sparks are called “sparklers” :smile:

Before we make the final vote for ‘Sparky’ vs ‘Sparkie’ I think these links can shed some light:

After reviewing the two links, I’m voting for Sparkie (the satellite, elf, dragon, and electrician), over Sparky (dog, Sun Devil - ASU mascot, and Old Sparky).

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if you say spark core quickly, it begins to sound like s-parkour
not totally on topic, but always wanted to share this.


More importantly, will we still get a sticker included in the box with the photon, I like to place the sicker on the project box of the final product that contains the core/photon :slight_smile: