SOS Blinking sequence - WIFI credential issue

Hello. I am new to the particle photon and most of my background is in arduino.
I set up a particle photon on my home network about a month ago. Tried the led blink sketch; all good.

Now, I’m at my university and I am trying to set it up on the university wifi. It won’t let me manually clear the previous wifi settings (See: Wifi Network Reset

It blinks red sos, blinks red 13 times, blinks red sos, blinks red 13 times, blinks white once, blinks green rapidly, then repeats the sequence.

Suggestions are appreciated!

You meanwhen you hold the mode button for 10+ seconds you don’t get the rapid blue blinking but the SOS+13 - is that correct?

Can you put your device in Safe Mode first and then try the WiFi creds reset?

SOS+13 would suggest a stack overflow, but that should not happen for the WiFi reset procedure.

BTW, what device OS version have you running on your device?