[SOLVED]Two dead Photons

I have two Pothon’s i can’t use anymore.
After booting it goes van white to flash green to fast flash green to (solid magenta or black)

Is this a known issue?


Can you get them into safe mode?

No, booting ends with solid magenta or black. Pressing setup: nothing happens
Holding setup and reset goes to blinking yellow…that’s all there is.

Doesn’t it first go through blinking magenta?
In any case, if you’ve got the CLI, you can do a firmware update when in DFU mode, by doing ‘particle update’. That might help.

Did a firmware update 0.4.7. For one Photons the situation is the same, the other is only blinking yellow…and is not in dfu mode… Probably i have don something stupid but i have not any idea what i have done wrong… 2 Photons bricked… must be me… :worried:

Hi @maxxam58,

If the LED is doing something then it’s probably not bricked and can be re-flashed. Can you upgrade your CLI and do a

# while in dfu mode
particle update

# get device back into dfu mode
particle flash --usb tinker

with your device in DFU mode? This should attempt to re-flash system part1 and part2, and then tinker to your device. If this doesn’t work, you might be able to recover with a programmer shield and / or a JTAG programmer, but those steps might be slightly more involved.


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YES! They are working again. Thanks Dave.

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