Still blinks yellow

My device blinks yellow and the I want to change it to magenta then I tap restet and setup but it still blinks yellow.

My teacher said it could be because there was a “power cut”, and I don’t know what else do. Anyone knows?

Sounds like it is in dfu mode:

assuming you have the photon connected through USB:

try the “particle flash --usb tinker” command mentioned, or try uploading new code through the IDE (local flash)


Hi @kineret -

Welcome to the Particle forum. I am sure the guys here will do their best to help you solve the problem.

Can you give a little bit more information please, i.e as per @evanroode 's post, do you have the device connected via USB? A power failure should not render the device in DFU mode, but let’s see if we can resolve this.

If you are unable to flash via USB for some reason, you can also try booting up in SafeMode and flash with OTA? Hold both buttons. Then let go of the RESET button. As soon as the LED flashes magenta, let go of the SETUP button. If all goes well, the device will boot into safe mode. From here it should be easy to recover.

There are some more steps you can follow, like flashing the bootloader, system files and tinker manually via USB, but let’s see if any of these ones work.

Let me know.
Regards, Friedl.

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Thanks, and yes I used somo files and the run them. Now is working!


Thak you

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