Blinking yellow and D7 is lit

I just got a new photon (my 4th) i tried flashing to it and it went into safe mode. so i tried resetting it but now it boots up and blinks yellow 10 times then pauses then blinks yellow 10 times and pauses and repeat
Also the blue D7 led is lit.

I have tried entering safe mode or DFU mode without success.
when connecting to my computer i get a Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) error. (i checked with another photon and it recognizes it just fine

i then tried to fix it via but again no change.

holding setup down doesn’t do anything and trying to enter any of the modes just “reboots” the photon into its yellow blinky state :frowning:

any help would be much appreciated

just hoping its not dead

That seems as the attempt to auto-update system firmware to match your application firmware version.
You should have left it to finish its update. Obviously you hit reset in one of the worst moments you could have picked.

Can you provide a video of your yellow blinking sequence?
This seems to be an odd sequence, but yellow blinking would suggest DFU Mode.

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here is a short video of it blinking away
the wires are from when i tried the fix and are currently not connected or touching anything

That doesn’t look too good.
You may best file a support ticket for that.