What is the issue with my Photon - always blinking yellow/red

it’s powered by a power bank, so it’s not underpowered.
I push the reset button, to get it out of “DFU” mode(blinking yellow/red)
Holding setup button down for 4-5 seconds and it begin to blink blue/red, then release setup button and it continue for ~5 seconds, then it goes into DFU mode(yellow/red blinking).
If I keep the setup button down when it start blinking blue/red, it continue into DFU(yellow/red) mode after ~2 seconds.
Thanks for any feedback!

Since the description isn’t all that enlightening, and colors can be vague, is there a chance you could video this and upload that? That’d rule out any misinterpretations.

Using a know good power supply to test never hurts. Assuming your power pack works might not be the case.
Furthermore, in DFU mode ‘particle doctor’ on the latest version of the CLI should help.


Thanks for your advise.
I upgraded my particle-cli to ver. 1.28.1 on windows 8 PC.
Ran “particle doctor” and it upgraded firmware to 0.6.3
I cleared eeprom and was setting up wifi settings.
but the last step was not successful.
"Okay! New keys in place, your device will not restart.
The Doctor didn’t complete sucesfully, undefined

Please visit our community forums for help with this error:

After reset it blinks white(no wifi?), but otherwise it all looked good. I could bring the photon in listening and DFU mode etc.:grinning:

Do you have more good advise?

when running particle doctor the arrow keys doesn’t work to select options in cygwin, but they work in windows command prompt.

In ubuntu I could only upgrade particle-cli to 1.23.1 that didn’t have the particle doctor command.

Does Safe Mode work after your update?

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You should probably give particle flash --usb tinker a shot :slight_smile:

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unfortunately no.
When i follow this recipe:
“To put your device in Safe Mode:
Hold down BOTH buttons
Release only the RESET button, while holding down the SETUP button.
Wait for the LED to start blinking magenta
Release the SETUP button”

it will first blink blue/red and shortly after yellow/red and stay in that state.

particle flash --usb tinker => flash success!
and Photon is breathing cyan.
Happy that its now connected to the Cloud. And its not a hardware issue !

Thanks guys - Happy weekend.:grin:

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