My Photon blinks red about 20 times in a fast sequence and then two red blinks. What can I do?

I borrowed my friends Photon and tried turning it on. The lights are blinking as follows:

About 20 fast red blinks and then 2 slow ones. After that no more blinks.
I cant go into safe mode because it blinks magenta for two seconds and then yellow, and then red again.

Every sequence except DFU puts it back into red-mode.

I’m very unexperienced in how this works and I’ve tried everything I know, unfortunately I cant get it to work.
Have I made a simple mistake? How do I fix this?

Thank you so much.

If you can put it in DFU mode, then your best first shot would be installing CLI 1.16.0 (if you haven’t already) and do this

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker

The blinking sequence you describe sounds unfamiliar, so could you post a video of it (or a link)?

I’ve put the device in DFU-mode but the terminal unfortunately cant find any device in DFU-mode.

I’ll try to upload a video as soon as possible …

I managed to upload a video of the blinking sequence. Here is the link:

What OS are you running?
If you are on Windows you’ll need zadig to install the DFU drivers.

Does your device blink yellow while in DFU mode?