[SOLVED]The device cannot start (Code 10) [faulty cable]

I have followed the directions for installing the Windows Driver.
I put the photon in Listening Mode
Scan does not find the photon.
From Device Manager if I use Action -> Add legacy hardware
I can install the drivers but then Device Manager shows "This device cannot start (Code 10)"
I am using Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 64 bit

Could you put your device into listening mode, open up the device manager, and check under those tabs if you can find anything related to Particle? If so, uninstall those drivers. Then, try following the steps again. It could be that something went awry halfway, which messed it up for you. Starting ‘fresh’ often solves that, rather than trying to patch it up.

I have tried that quite a few times. Should I be restarting in between?
For example should I uninstall … restart
Put device in listening mode
Scan for new devices

Also, I have seen a post that the USB cable has to be a Particle cable is that true?
I have tried a couple mini USB cords.

As long as it’s in listening mode, you should be good. No reason to restart as far as I’m aware.
Then uninstall everything Particle related, as far as drivers go. Then, try installing the proper ones again, as per the docs.

You are in no way obligated to use the Particle cable, it’s just a regular Micro-usb cable. Any other (functional) one should work just fine.

I have uninstalled it.
I am guessing that unless Scan for hardware changes finds it I won’t be able to get it working. I have tried every USB port putting it into listen mode every time with no success.
I only see “Other Devices” if I select View->Show Hidden Devices and nothing appears under it.

I have flashed it with various example programs from the web IDE and have it working through WiFi.

It was the cord

To chime in here, I’d go back to the cable thing first.
Can you check or have you checked that the used cable(s) are data cables and not only charging cables (e.g. via your mobile and USB data transfer)?
Have you got the device connected and put it into Listening Mode after it came online?
Next do you hear an device attached sound when putting the device into Listening Mode?
Do you hear a sound for Safe Mode?
Do you hear a sound for DFU Mode?
Does wiggeling the USB connector on the device change anything?

OK, you just posted “It was the cord” (and obviously all the other tested ones ;-))

Yeah very frustrating. I had tried 2 different cords and the third one I did hear the device connect tone. I wasted a fair amount of time with the first cord thinking it was something else. Oh well live and learn.
Everything seems to be working well now. I am connecting to it via terminal server and see my output.

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I don’t think my cable is faultyfaulty… Windows 7 recognises a photon in DFU mode attached when I update the previously installed driver see attached screen shot (if attach is available here) but still the driver has code 10 cannot start :frowning: 2nd photon :frowning:

I have an odd ‘bad USB cable’ story… I borrowed my wife’s USB cable to charge my mouse. It came from one of the ‘My’ brand devices. Later that day I tried to connect a keyboard (MIDI controller) to the same USB hub and, though it had worked many times, my computer wouldn’t recognize it. Took me a day or so, but eventually I disconnected the ‘My’ cord and got a Device Disconnect tone from Windows - when there was nothing connected to it!!! Suddenly my keyboard worked again.

So unplug all your other USB devices as well when one device has a problem - it could be cheap (or ???) USB cables borking the whole USB string.