[Solved] Spark Core app connects my core (cyan breathing just fine), but does not claim it. and I'm unable to claim it from the web IDE - Use CLI instead

can’t claim cores suddenly.

I tried to factory reset then to connect the core through Spark connect app on iphone, when this didn’t work I tried using the web IDE to claim the core with the core id that I got over USB, I’ve tested this with two different cores and different wifi networks.

The cores breaths cyan slowly but still I’m not able to claim them, yesterday everything worked just fine, I claimed them from the iphone app.

Hi there,

If you have claimed your cores, it will be listed under the cores tab for Web IDE. :slight_smile:

Sorry I should have mentioned that I removed the cores from the web IDE this morning, then I was unable to reclaim them.

Ah i see. :smiley:

So you pasted the core-id in the WEB IDE but was unable to claim it?

Yep, and the Iphone app gets the core to slowly breath cyan after factory reset but it will still say no cores found, and won’t pass me to the core naming stage.

Can you simply add the core-id to the WEB IDE account and it should appear in the iPhone app.

Also, check the user login credentials on the Iphone app and WEB IDE just to be sure that both are the same :wink:

triple checked the same login credentails.

Solved, after a night of tinkering I installed the CLI and managed to claim two of my cores after failing with the web IDE and the iphone app, another core gave me the error that it belongs to someone else so I sent an email to hello@spark.io.

the web IDE + iPhone app really needs to get error messages…