Can't claim - connected have ID

me again - but almost there, I have now succes fully connected 4 cores over my macs WiFi tapping into 3G via my Phones USB so my setup is fine, just this last one causing trouble:

Im connected - breathing cyan
Got the ID - via terminal

when I want to claim - which I do using the Build Interface I just get the message “could not claim core”

I have reset the core, done a factory reset (or two or three…:slight_smile: ), reconnected it, restarted spark built, my computer, any suggestions ?

Have you checked and see if the core is already listed in your cores list? :slight_smile:

Otherwise, you can send @Dave your core id along with your login email if it really doesn’t claim.

But on second thought, you have it breathing cyan so it should be tagged to your account

Heya @raune,

If you private message me, or email me at, I can help you figure out what’s holding up the last core. :slight_smile:



thanks a lot @kennethlimcp and @Dave fore responding, I found the hang-up, a friend had forgotton to log that core of his account when we were figuring out the initial setup. sorry for wasting your time… :blush:


Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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