"Could not claim core" message, 404 on API

Hey there guys! Coming off our awesome hacks at RobotsConf, @MakerSylvia and I wanted to make some new awesome hacks with spark, BUT… For some strange reason, the core she had connected to her account, “Octokitten”, has gone missing from the UI!

Using the great and wonderful techniques taught to me (and nicely available in the docs, great job guys!), I’ve fully reset the core, and made sure it got the correct SSID and password. And yes, it breathes cyan just fine! But… on both the App pairing, and on the Web UI, it fails to add the core.

Going into Serial mode, the core tells me it’s 53ff6d065067544859331087, entering this directly into the UI gives me “Could not claim core”, and inspecting the API return, it’s giving a 404. I get this feeling like this core ID got dropped out of a database somewhere, though why this would be the case when it’s cyan and all… who knows.

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Hey @techninja,

I think a lot of cores changed hands at the conference, but I liberated the core id you posted, so you guys should be free to claim it now. I couldn’t find octokitten in the database, so it’s possible someone else took it home.


Awesome, got it in and working. Any easy way to change the core name in the Web UI?

I think that feature on the web ide is still in the works, but is available on the mobile apps, and is available through the API (put /v1/devices/yourcoreid name=yournamehere) as well. I know that isn’t ideal at the moment, I can also rename your core for you if you prefer! :slight_smile:

Hi techninja,
Can you please confirm to me that breathing Cyan is indeed different from the flashing blue (listening mode) ?
I’m having troubles connecting to the SparkCloud, and it’d be nice to know what breathing Cyan looks like. (I assume it’s similar to a sinewave of brightness in a blue color not like regular blue).

Hey @Redwin88

Here’s a video showing what breathing cyan looks like: https://vine.co/v/hFwubhA3JXV

Just ran it through the API on PostMan, worked perfectly! Thanks for the fast and complete help, you guys set a wonderfully high bar for a service based hardware product. We can only hope the future remains as bright :slight_smile:

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Hi there @techninja , It’s been a couple weeks, so you probably already discovered that we pushed a change to the Web IDE that let’s you rename a core…but if not, I figured I’d drop you a line and let you know. Just click on the core name in the cores drawer and it should turn into an editable field–let me know if you have any troubles.

Yep, saw that in the blog post, and figued it’d come out in the next version. Also saw the updated docs/examples for local connections and a bunch of other very good stuff, keep up the awesome work guys, you rock!

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