[Solved] Enterprise-->garbage router-->Photon-->?-->Profit

I recently acquired a couple Photons for a project intending to send sensor data to the Particle cloud and then use webhooks to send it on to a database. I am very new to all of this, so please bear with me.

Been doing some reading, and as I understand it Enterprise networks are not yet supported…Which is what the building the Photons are located in runs.
Now, I was given an old wireless router my boss pulled out of a garbage can. I set it up with WEP security and my phone can connect to it (and the internet through it) with no trouble at all.
The Photons? Both can run the setup just fine through it, either via the Android app or CLI…But one of them after setup ‘succeeds’ will have nothing to do with it.
The other one connects -sometimes-
By sometimes I mean it will connect and publish data flawlessly for hours…and then decide to be done. OR refuse to connect for hours and just when I’m about to unplug it it will do the handshake blink like it is taunting me, publish a couple data points, then go offline again.
I am having an awful time trying to find a pattern to it! To be fair, there are a lot of things going on in this building, and a bunch of networks.

As a sort of control, they both have zero connection problems when I put my phone in tethering mode.

At this point I’m seriously considering grabbing a couple work phones to use as semipermanent non-Enterprise wifi sources, but maybe the community can come up with a less-dumb solution?
In any case, I could really use some insight into what is going on!

Photons often don’t handle WEP networks well. I would suggest you change the security type to WPA or WPA2 (non-enterprise) and give that a try.

Switching to WPA-PSK seems to have worked for the moment. Will monitor things to see if they stay stable. Thanks for the tip!

Changing the subject line to [Solved]! Glad the issue was solved!