Stuck in getting DHCP while connecting Photon to WPA2 Enterprise

Hi folks!

At the moment I am facing an issue with my photons trying connecting to our “eduroam” wifi network.

The security type is “WPA2 Enterprise”, I already tried every combination of specifying username, outer identity and certicitate, or just some of them.

I get the best results with specifying my username, my password and my username as outer identity and leaving the certificate blank. The result is as follows:

The photon tries to connect to the wifi and starts flashing green fast. It somehow hangs during “INFO: Bringing WiFi interface up with DHCP”, some seconds later the process gets aborted with “TRACE: connect cancel”.

I already searched this forum to get some hints, but I cant figuring out what I am doing wrong.

Maybe someone has an idea and can help me?


Welcome to the Particle Community.

I am sure that a bit more searching for other threads on WPA2 Enterprise would have identified that this does not appear to be working!

There has been lots of discussion on this going back 2 years to when 0.7.0 was announced with support for WPA Enterprise security. Also, you need to state the Device OS you are using. There have been numerous tweaks around the crypto support since 0.7.0 (adding MD5, SHA256, etc.)

The short answer is you are not alone in seeing this behaviour. I have had a support ticket open with Particle for a while but the key resource in the engineering team is totally tied up in the Gen3 mesh development.

If you had access to the freeRadius server log output you would probably see that the EAP authorisation is successful and there is something happening when that success message gets passed back to the photon that causes it to cancel the authorisation session and treat the result as failed.

I would suggest you raise a support ticket that way the priority to get this fixed will be increased as I am told there is no customer demand for WPA Enterprise security.

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