[SOLVED] Electron billing, setting new home country when switching zone or country, activate and deactivate SIM card?

I’m wondering what the process is for switching a Particle SIM card to have a different “home country” when permanently moving an Electron from one zone to another.

Our use case is that we would like to activate our Particle SIM card for a u270 Electron and do some basic testing on it in our laboratory. It will then get packaged up and sent to the other side of the world in a different GSM “Zone”

I understand that this will lead this Electron being “double-billed” for the first month (i.e. we pay the 1 MB base charge in one zone, and pay another MB base charge to use it in the other zone).

My question is, after that first month will we keep on getting double billed? Is there a recommended process for switching the “home country” that the SIM card is associated with?

Do we simply go to Particle Console and deactivate, then reactivate the SIM card once the Electron has made it to the destination country in order to register the new country as the “home country”?


You can now “release ownership” of a SIM card (under “deactivate”) in the Console. Once ownership is released you can set it up again in the correct country. You will not be double-billed in this scenario. When you release ownership a final bill will be calculated and you will be invoiced.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks for the info Harrison. I’m trying what you have suggested but I fear I may have bricked my SIM card from being recognized by the Particle Setup process.

Here’s what I did:

  • Went to Particle Console Billing
  • Clicked Deactivate SIM
  • Clicked Release Ownership
  • Went to Particle Setup process
  • Clicked Activate a SIM card only
  • Entered ICCID number when prompted
  • Received an error message: Invalid SIM ICCID number. (see screenshot, below)

I’m guessing that because I clicked “Deactivate SIM” first before clicking “Release Ownership” that the SIM number is being blocked from the typical Particle Setup process. Any chance you could help me from the back end? I’ll PM you my ICCID number.

Hey all,

Looks like this was my fault, I was storing my ICCID numbers in an excel worksheet and Excel was changing the last four numbers of the ICCID to 0’s, which is why the above process wasn’t working for me.

It really is as simple as entering the correct ICCID on the Particle Setup portal to re-register a SIM.

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I am fixing to do this to one of mine and have a question/concern.
The electron will disconnect from the cloud immediately once the sim is released, correct?
Will it also reconnect automatically once the sim is reactivated with the proper country/zone?

And of this can be done remotely w/o access to the electron?

Answering my own question if case others need the answer – procedure can be done remotely and the electron will reconnect automatically when the SIM is re-registered in the new country zone.

I realise this is an older thread, but is there an equivalent functionality for “Release Ownership” via the Cloud Javscript SDK?


Are you talking about releaseing ownership of a given device?
Since all above listed functions are refering to SIM, if you were looking for a “SIM release” you already listed removeSIM (which would do that already).

If device, something like this may be what you are looking for
which is the counter-action to

Thanks kindly for the fast response!

I was in fact referring to the SIM, I was just thrown off by the nomenclature removeSIM vs releaseSIM.

Thanks again!