Toggle SIM subscription on/off for Electron device customers

I can’t seem to find API documentation on “pausing” a SIM subscription for a customer. Is there a way to toggle the monthly subscription on/off?


You should be able to disable the SIM and later reenable it again at any time.
At least this used to be possible.

I need the customer to be able to do that on my web application, so I need to know how to do that using the API. I don’t see any documentation for this.

@doughtz I was looking for this type of use months ago. Particle told me that you need to manage the sim for your customers If nothing has changed from the time I ask. Actually your supposed to manage the sim activation and everything for your customers. At least that what they told me. :persevere:

Oh boy… how do you scale that if you can’t automate those two things?

I know they told me that they have it in a Todo List

@doughtz ,

Thanks for the question! @ScruffR is correct – if you deactivate the SIM card, it will stop incurring the monthly data plan charge after the current billing period.

The API endpoint to deactivate a SIM is: PUT In the body of the request, pass: {action: "deactivate"}.

This will trigger the SIM to be immediately deactivated programmatically. If you would like to reactivate the SIM, use the same endpoint and pass: {action: "reactivate"}.

I will also mention that within the next couple weeks, we will be launching SIM Management within a product. This will allow you to associate a fleet of SIMs with your Particle product for simplified billing and batch-actions. If you decide to move your SIM cards to be associated with your product, there will be a different endpoint that you could use to deactivate/reactivate SIM cards.

Does this help?



@jeiden Yes, that helps. Is there documentation for this?

Also… unrelated question, is it true the electron has to be turned on in order to pair a customer with a device? Or can I just add the device ID to a customer without the Electron turning on?