How to suspend the 2G subscription of an Electron

I have an Electron which I use for a project, which runs 1-2 months per year, so I would like to suspend the 2G service for the rest of the year.

On the Electron page ( it is stated that “Suspend or pause your service at any time with the click of a button.”, but I can’t find this “suspend” option anywhere in the Particle Console.

Could somebody please tell me where to suspend and resume the subscription of an Electron?


Go to and log in.

Select the billing icon (bottom left, the credit card icon) select your SIM card and then the “…” button.

“Deactivate SIM” is the option you want to use. You can reactivate it again later in the same place; the option will then be “Activate SIM” instead.


I have seen the “Deactive SIM” option before, just didn’t realize that this is the suspend option, I was worried that this is a permanent deactivation - which I wouldn’t want, only a temporary suspension.

Thanks again!