Deactivate SIM - no longer need/want Electron

I no longer need/want my registered Electron.

I went to the Billing page of the Particle Dashboard and tried to “Deactivate SIM” but it shows an error – “Bummer! There was an error deactivating your sim. Try again later” – I tried a bunch of times over the past week… with the same result: the error.

Through the devices page of the mobile app, I "unclaim"ed the Electron device. Still, the website shows “Bummer!” and does NOT deactivate the SIM.

I do not want to billed for something I am not using nor want. HELP!

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It’s a pitty to hear you don’t want the Electron. Can we ask why?

But for your immediate question, I’ve read, that you’d need to have get over a 20kB threashold of consumed data (which will be covered with the free 1MB anyway) before the dashboard deactivation works.
Having said this, just shooting Particle Support a ticket might get you there too.

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Hi All,

Yes that sounds correct. Until you’ve used your first 20KB of data, your Sim is in a sort of “test” mode, and it’s hard for us to cancel it. After that it should deactivate normally, or just send us a ticket if you have questions.


Hi David, I’m having trouble deactivating my SIM card as well. I see that you’d need to consume the first 20kB of data to do so however, I’d done some damage to my Electron and therefore unable to use it. I was wondering if I’d be billed despite never using the SIM card.

Hey, @dammit.

Sorry you have an issue. By default if you activate a SIM, it’ll kick off the billing whether you’re consuming data, or not.

For instance, some devices might legitimately sleep for the whole month, but still need connectivity to react to network events.

Since your electron has been activated, but not moved out of “test” mode, we’ll have to deactivate it on the backend so you don’t get billed. You can either PM me with your ICC ID and Particle username, or hit up the support site and put in the same info.

If you hit the official support site and fill out the form with all the relevant info (Particle username, ICC ID from your SIM), I’ll jump in there and assign it to me and take care of it ASAP.


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