Totally, Totally lost. Sim deactivated, cant claim device. I want my mommy!

I did not pay attention to my sim card payments and now it is deactivated and I cant do anything with my electron. I like to reactivate my sim but cant seem to do so because it say that i have no devices… I try to claim my device by it need ID which I have no idea to find. I am oblivious clueless about any of this but want to learn… I have a backer electron kit, I came in that nice little plastic box. Now I did have it working when i first received it. I put is aside ( i know, I might lose my geek subscription for that) and didn’t play with it. I downloaded the android app and that looks totally different than i remember. I was able to flash firmware with usb cable. I also have it flashing green, but it will not connect because sim is deactivated… Like i said nub, so nub i am pre nub. Lets put it this way, i’m your grandmother using a pc for the first time nub. So if you please no acronyms… plain english. If you help me out, Ill bake you some Banana Bread. Thx, Mike

PS i did dig around but didn’t find anything that i though applied, but i’m frustrated and may of missed it

If you never activated the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), you can still do so via
If that doesn’t work open a support ticket at

I can’t spare you the acronym CLI (Command Line Interface), since this is a “need” to have tool (e.g. (Exemplī Grātiā) to get the Device ID (IDentifier) - although you can get that via a serial terminal program too)

What OS - sorry Operating System :wink: - are you using?

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Wouldn’t make much of a difference since the device would have to be online before you could claim it. That said, the ID can be found using a Serial terminal (PuTTY where TTY stands for TeleTYwriter ;-)) and pressing ‘i’ (identify) after connecting. Alternatively there’s the CLI with ‘particle identify’. In both cases the device would need to be in listening mode (blinking blue)

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Windows 10, also i did activate the sim, I just didn’t pay attention to the billing subscription payments. so it was unactivated.

Then getting in contact with Particle is compulsory in order to get the SIM unlocked again.