Moved SIM card to a different Electron now device registration is goofed

I bricked one of my two Electrons. We will call it ‘A’ (That is another story).
So I got out my second one (call it ‘B’), which at that point had never been registered, and moved the SIM card from ‘A’ to it.
I went through the startup process and claimed Electron ‘B’. No problem…kinda.

When I look at my dashboard, I see both ‘A’ and ‘B’. But the online status light is indicating on ‘A’ when it should be ‘B’.

Electron ‘A’ no longer has a name in the table of registered devices.
When ‘B’ publishes an event, it is showing in the logs with 'A’s ID number.

Need some insight in how to proceed. Best guess I have is to ‘disown’ both and start over with just ‘B’.

Thanks in advance. P.

That is not nice but “normal” - the online indicator does not tell you if the device is online, but only that it didn’t get an “Electron went offline” message :wink:
The thing is, that Electrons use connectionless UDP and not hearing of an Electron for long stretches is perfectly normal so that can’t be used to know if a device is online or offline.
For Photons that is a different story since they keep checking in every few seconds.

I’ve got an Electron that collects dust in my drawer for weeks now and it is still reported online.

Buuuut, the device ID should not travel with the SIM card.
The device ID is “hard wired” in the device, so that is confusing :confused:

What does B report when you do particle identify? It’s original ID or the “inherited” A ID?
What do you get with particle list?

BTW: How did you brick A?