What identifies an Elecron the sim or the device?

I have a simple question but I’d like to have a better understanding so an in-depth explanation would be great rather than a yes/no.

I have an existing Electron and sim, it has been set up and claimed and can be flashed (sometimes). There is a fault with the Electron and I have received a replacement Electron + SIM.

What would happen if I just put the old sim in the new Electron? Would it just work? Would it have the ID of the old electron?

How do the sim and, I’m assuming, IMEI relate to the device ID/name in the cloud?

  • IMEI comes from the GSM module on the electron
  • this does not change for a particular electron
  • Device ID comes from STM32’s 96-bit factory-programmed unique device ID
  • this does not change for a particular electron
  • ICCID comes from the SIM card itself
  • this changes with SIM

I am not sure if the IMEI is used by the :cloud: but Device ID for a particle device would remain unchanged as long as the stm32 is not swapped out. This will be used by the :cloud: to identify the device.

Tl;DR: Swapping between SIM cards would not change the device identification on the :cloud:. You can simply swap between SIM cards without changes (assuming particle issued ones)

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Thanks for clearing that up!

So putting the old sim in the new electron should work and I’ll just have to claim the new Electron. I’ll give it a go later and let you know how I get on if anyone finds this post in future.