UK Electron to US Electron - SIM Swap


I have an electron that was deployed to a use in the UK (I am based in the US) so we set that electron up with the Particle provided SIM, but designated for the UK. I recently received this electron back and wish to have it setup now for the US cell network and I assume swapping the old sim out for a new particle provided SIM activated for the US would be the best option.

My question is, I have a new Particle provided SIM, have it activated, and I have swapped it into the old electron but it does not connect. Is there more i should be doing for this swap? Thank you!

The SIM cards are not location specific - they can be used worldwide.

However, there are two different models of the 3G Electron. The U260 is for use in the Americas and Australia. The U270 is for Europe, Asia, and Africa. If you have a U270 it cannot be used in the United States because the regions use different frequencies and the modems are different.

The 2G (G350) can be used in both Europe and the United States, as can the E series E310 and Boron 2G/3G, which use the U201, the world-wide 2G/3G modem.