3G - module, USA prototype, China Deployment

If i start with the E series global module here in the USA - create my prototype, test etc …

And this part is important: I need to put my prototype(s) in my backpack and goto china

Question 1 - Once in china, can I remove and replace the SIM card with a local sim card? Or is it locked to the initial service provider?

Question 2 - my client wants me to post data directly to their http server (yes, need to support both HTTP and HTTPS posting) OR am I required to use/go-through your service only?


The E series global module (E310) does not have a SIM card slot. There is a SMD SIM soldered onto the module, set to Particle’s mobile provider. It does work in China using China Mobile, however.

The Electron and Boron 2G/3G modules do have SIM card slots and can be used with 3rd-party SIM cards.

It is theoretically possible to connect directly using TLS/SSL from the Electron. There are a few different software libraries for it, however these are community supported, not official libraries.

Ok - that helps

I also need the ability to send/receive TXT messages via the modem - Will this be a USA number?

Use case is this: System normally logs data via HTTP/HTTPS - to cloud - but in some situations it must be able to send a standard simple ascii text message as a TXT message, and also handle replies/requests.

for example somebody might send: “STATUS PLEASE” - the security is simple, if the requesting number is NOT valid, the request is ignored - otherwise a TXT reply is sent.

Question 2 -

I have placed an order - for an “E Series Evaluation Kit 2G/3G or LTE” - there was no way to specify the 3G is ok, please don’t make me wait … I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Put another way - When will the GLOBAL LTE devices be available to ship? I know it said 6 to 8 weeks - but I’m fine with a 3G for now (2G is not sufficient)

It is not possible to send or receive SMS with the E series module, because the Particle SIM does not support SMS. As neither voice nor SMS are enabled, there is no phone number assigned.

The Electron and Boron can send and receive SMS, as they support 3rd-party SIM cards. Both the Electron and E series hardware support SMS, it’s a question of whether the SIM supports it.

In the store, right above the Add to Cart button is a popup menu to select which one you want. The default is 2G/3G.

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Ok - I need to EDIT my order I placed about 2 hours ago.

i want to (A) wait for the LTE module for part of the order

And (B) - What can I order that is available (shipable monday?) - that is

Part 1 minimally 3G, supporting SMS - I have been told 2G does not work in my target site

What I am told may be utter bullshit and it does work - but that is what I have been told and do not want to arrive and have problems.

Part 2 - Needs to work when I get to china

if the answer to (part 2) is I need two different devices - (one for US development) and another for deployment please tell me which ones.

Correct, if you need it now you need to get an Electron 3G Americas (U260) for the United States and an Electron 3G Europe/Asia/Africa (U270) for China.

The devices are source and binary compatible and code developed in the United States on the U260 should work with no problems on the U270 in China.

Note, however, that the APN for 3rd-party SIM cards is inserted in the firmware binary, so when using a 3rd-party SIM card (to be able to use SMS), you’ll likely need to have two different binaries, assuming you have different local SIM cards in both the US and China.

The APN - where do I get this? not familiar with this - how big is this in bytes?
I assume this is something I need to send to the modem over the serial port?

If small I can put it in the on chip flash

If larger i can put a SPI flash - and store the data in the spi flash and pump it across as needed.

The APN setting is described here:


You can also dynamically set the APN based on the SIM card inserted. That might be a good option since you’ll only have a few possible SIM cards.

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Fantastic .

how do I amend my order on your web site to order these (ie: avoid double paying shipping)