Particle SIM use in multiple countries

Hi All,

I have a question about using the Particle SIM in multiple countries.

So, I’ve set up a Particle Electron 3G Australia / America (850/1900 MHz) model as part of an Asset Tracker v2 kit here in Australia (sertup the SIM and device).

Travelling to the US soon, wondering if the Particle SIM and the device will connect to the networks in the US straight out of the box. The model is Australia / America (850/1900 MHz) and it was set up in Australia.


I have not set up an Electron in Australia, but from my experience as long as the Cellular band is correct for the country (which the Australia/America modem is) it will work on startup, dependent on the standard requirements (i.e. correct hardware attachment and signal strength).

Yes, the Electron 3G Americas/Australia U260 can be used in the United States without reconfiguration or any changes. The SIM card works world-wide, and the U260 works in North, Central, and South America. There’s no additional charge for switching countries; there is no longer a roaming charge.