Particle SIM Card

I’m trying to activate another Electron and when I scan the ICCID number, it believes that I am in Puerto Rico. I’m actually in the mainland USA, so this poses a problem. When I manually select “The United States” and move forward with the prompt, the app still believes that I’m in Puerto Rico. Could someone advise if this is normal? The previous two Electron’s did not have this issue when setting them up. Thank you!

I was hoping I could get an update on this issue.

Thank you.

Can you try using a different browser maybe? You can also use Particle CLI to set it up via the terminal.


I thought you had to use either or the phone app for an Electron?

My bad, you can retrieve info using the CLI not setup in case of the Electron. Have you tried using a different browser instead?

I don’t know the specifics why this happened, but if it happens to anyone else, you can pretty much just ignore it. Puerto Rico and the United States have the same prices for billing, and it won’t affect the operation of your Electron.

Actually, maybe let support know to keep track of it, but then just proceed through setup is if it were reporting the correct thing and everything should be fine.

@rickkas7 I’ve been in touch with Harrison @ particle and he is aware.

@mohit, it’s alright. I saw that you were powering through posts. I’ve tried different platforms (iOS/Android/Windows 7/OSX) but not different browsers. I just have to see if my colleague activated it. I know yesterday he received an error that stated: Temporary Activation Problem but I haven’t seen him today. I will let you know when I do.