[solved] SIM card setup problems, Electron 36-U260

I'm at this step in the instructions:

In order for your Particle SIM card to connect to the cellular network, it needs to be activated. The only way to do this is to go through SIM activation and setup at https://setup.particle.io. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete device setup and SIM activation.

I follow the prompts at setup.particle.io and enter my ICCID number, but the web page instead of completing the transaction just spins a Particle logo at the bottom.

Suggestions? When I plug the SIM into the Electron it blinks green, which I take to mean as "trying but not succeeding".



If the Particle logo spins after entering your ICCID for more than several seconds, and the servers are up, the easiest solution is usually to switch browsers. After you finish registering you can go back to your browser of choice. It’s a bug, but that’s the easiest workaround.

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Thanks @rickkas7 - that did the trick. I started using Chrome 51.0.2704.106 on my Mac which didn’t work, and then I switched over to Safari and all was well.

LED blinking, ready for the next challenge.


I had this problem too, and I was able to fix it by disabling my ad blocker.