Particle SIM won't connect to cell network

After a while I’m trying to create new project and can’t setup/claim Electron (declaimed after previous project)
as SIM won’t find network and always fast blinks green…
SIM card status in console - Active (…4751)

what should I do?

Did you reactivate the SIM? You need to do that before claiming as the device needs the be online and breathing cyan to claim.

You can do this at You’ll need the ICCID from the SIM card.

now i’ve tried 2 options:

  1. i’ve deactivated SIM in Console and started setting up my Electron/claiming from 0
  2. i’ve deactivated SIM in Console and Reactivated before starting setting up Electron
    results are the same
    SIM status after those attempts showed as Active - but still fast blinking green …
    even waited for 10mins - no changes: few minutes blinks green then few times slowly blue and then white with orange and starts over again with green …