[SOLVED] D7 LED when using Internet Button library

Solution: Adding: “pinMode(D7, INPUT_PULLDOWN);” after “InternetButton.begin()” overrides that

I’ve been using the Photons for quite a while now, and I’ve noticed a perculier behaviour when using the official Internet Button library: the D7 onboard LED is locked to HIGH.
Has anyone encountered this problem and come up with a software solution?
I’ve tested every aspect of code, stripping it down to the basic elements and the problem is always present after “InternetButton.begin()” runs.

The reason is the pull-up resistor for one of the buttons

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Well, that was a quick solution. Adding: “pinMode(D7, INPUT_PULLDOWN);” after “InternetButton.begin()” overrides that, so thank you muchly

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Thanks for the link @ScruffR!