Internet Button Example 7_Internet.ino Broken?

New user here! I just received my Internet Button and having fun with the examples. Unfortunately, I can’t get 7_Internet.ino to work. It compiles fine and loads fine, but nothing happens with the LEDs. The registered function also works as the return value comes back. But for whatever reason, none of the lights are working.

Can someone try running that demo for me? I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. Other examples work in the Internet Button library (including ones with LEDs), so I’m not sure what’s missing with this one.


Works for me - have you got the Photon plugged in correctly?

Yes, it’s a single cable. :slight_smile:

Other examples in the Internet Button library work fine for me.

After I flash the photon with this example, it boots up fine, goes to the soothing cyan, but nothing happens. Looking at the code, i think I’m supposed to see 6 of the LEDs on. Pressing buttons is supposed to change brightness and hue. Nothing happens.

From the console, the controller() function works as it returns a 1, but nothing happens with the LEDs.

Dumb question: when I first got the button, and configured it with my iPhone, the first thing I did was start pressing buttons in the tinker app. Could I have fried something with the lights?

When you say the other samples work you mean all the LEDs also do what they are supposeed to do then?
If so, you can’t have fried the LEDs.

Just to make sure your Photon has good contact to the shield, give it a good push again (but not on the metal housing of the P0 module).