Internet button issue out of the box

I just received an internet button direct from particle.
I let it run through the motions and set it up with tinker on an iphone.

The button updated to some code but it kept failing to safe mode and rebooting. The leds were going a bit crazy too.

I’m quite experienced with the photon, so I know what to expect.

Anyhow, it would be wise to revisit what code is being sent to those dev kits. I imagine there is some sort of incompatibility.

I went to the build environment and loaded the release internet button example. I was able to flash it after putting the photon in safe mode.


@macsboost was it blinking magenta rapidly? That might be a system firmware update happening.

Every product is tested before it leaves the factory but if you have the barcode information… maybe you can PM @will who can pass it on for verification with their logs :wink:

it did the magenta blink several times… but this was not typical. It was obviously in some sort of loop of death… connecting to wifi, crashing, to safe mode, rebooting, etc etc.

I let it go for an hour behaving badly before giving up and reloading the internet button example.

I am now running the internet button example. clicking individual buttons works, but clicking all four, then waiting a few seconds causes another crash… the rainbow cycles just over 1/2 way, then I get the green blink and a reboot.

I have tried several power supplies so I do not believe the issue to be power related. It seems to be software.

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Which example 1 - 9 are you using? I’ll give it a try. Also, which version of firmware are you compiling against?

I have 7 other particle devices running, so this one seems weird and it seems to be code. I’m using the latest 5.0 firmware and currently running the #9 code directly from the example.

@macsboost i gave it a shot and things seemed fine. You can see the published events here -

Also, if you have an idling photon, you can try swapping that with the internet button one and see how things go? :slight_smile:

Hey there! Just checking in (a few days late) to make sure everything got resolved here! Let me know if we can be of any help.

I think there was some sort of issue, but after flashing with the example in the cloud IDE it straightened itself out. Thanks for checking back in!

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No problem–let me know if you run into any issues going forward!