[Solved] Core not responding to web app

I had my core running my wifi remote start back in March. But when my daughter was born, and warm weather arrived, the core went into storage in the garage. Well there is 6 inches of snow out there right now and temps are low so I need my remote start back. I got it out tonight and hooked it up. It connected to the cloud right away, breathing cyan, but my web app hosted on google drives is not communicating with the core. I went into spark.io/build and saw the deep update I hadn’t done yet. After the deep update I went to Tinker and was able to control pins successfully since the tinker code is on the core after that update. So, I loaded my remote start app back on the core and I’m right back in the same place. What am I missing here? Months have gone by and I am suspicious that the my web app code is not jiving with possible changes while I was out of service but I would be surprised if that happened so easily. I have double check that my web app has the right device id and access token.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

the access token expires after 90 days so changing it with a new one should work fine. :smiley:

Go to www.spark.io/build and under settings, you should see the access token. If it’s expired, generate a new one and place it in your app :smiley:


Thank you! Wow I don’t know how I missed that it was expired when I was right there looking at out the token. I will sleep much better now that my remote start is back in business for morning.

Seems like a pain to do this every six months. Did it expire because I didn’t use it does this just happen every six months? Is there a way to avoid this?

3 months actually. :smiley:

it expires by itself 90 days after generation and user controlled expiry hasn’t been implemented yet.

let’s hope it comes soon! :slight_smile:

Reseting the token got me up and running but why was the tinker app working while the token was still expired?

I’m not sure but you can see the source code for both android and iOS tinker app on how they manage the tokens. :smiley: