Tinker error "Spark Web Authentication Error" with Core


After many years of successfully working, I am now unable to access my old Core via Tinker - I get the error “Spark Web”, Authentication Error…

When I log in to the Web IDE, my Core shows connected to the Wifi network and breathing ok, but I am unable to use the ‘flash’ icon. ]

I have tried resetting the Core, resetting the Token and clearing the cache, etc but nothing changes. The Core just has the basic firmware on it, nothing modified although I can’t see which version.

Any help greatfully appreciated or is it just time to buy an Electron?? :slight_smile:

(As an aside, when I go through the connecting core process, the core blinks flashing green, etc, as it should before breathing light blue - however, Tinker says “unable to find core”.)

Thanks very much,

@ianbw12, are you sure you are running tinker on the Core? Could you have flashed a different application perhaps? If you have the latest Particle CLI installed, you can put the Core in DFU mode and reflash Tinker using particle flash --usb tinker. The tinker app is also available as a library in the web IDE so you could flash it OTA with whatever version of the DeviceOS you want.

Thanks! I installed the CLI and flashed cc3000 and tinker - working fine now, I guess outdated firmware couldn’t connect to latest wifi network.

Thanks again,