WiFi Credentials Never seem to store


I… sigh, I think my Spark Core hates me. On a soul level.

I feel like any time I do ANYTHING (in this case, I’m mostly just flashing the core with blink an LED from the library), I end up with a flashing green light, which then means I have to re-open the Tinker app, and re-type in my wifi credentials, and re-connect my core.

This can’t possibly be what everyone else is doing, because this is making me want to cry. And not even like cool guy tears, like sad lame frustrated tears.

This doesn’t even begin to touch the fact that Serial.begin(9600) and Serial.println(“Hello”) seems to pretty much guarantee that CoolTerm does absolutely nothing.

It’s so frustrating when you try your best, and you are getting the exact same results a four year old would get if he just shoved peanut butter on your Spark Core. The. Exact. Same.

Please help.


Is it a white core? A CC3000 patch might solve the blinking green issue :wink:

Hi @filmic,

Never fear! There are a few easy things to try that can help here:

1.) Clear your saved wifi profiles (hold mode until it fast flashes blue). Your core will go through its list of saved profiles and try to connect to them, so wiping this list if its old can speed things up.

2.) Share your code? Since your app isn’t running in a sandbox, it’s possible that a bug or leak could be knocking your core off the network.

3.) Try applying the latest patch! If you install dfu-util, and the spark-cli you can put your core into dfu mode (hold both buttons, release reset, keep holding mode until it flashes yellow), and type spark flash --usb cc3000, and then spark flash --usb tinker. ( https://github.com/spark/spark-cli )


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