Particle Core doesn´t connect to my network


I have been used my spark core around 3 months, but recently my spark doesn´t connect to my network home (it stays flashing green). I tried a lot of things, like reset factory, I power it by USB port. What can I do?


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Thanks for your anwers, i did the previous steps and now my spark is already connected to my network, BUT when I flash a program (even if it´s a very simple one) the web IDE says:
Request Timed Out
Flash unsuccessful.

And my Spark never flashes magenta. (My IDE says my spark is connected and I did a factory reset but still doesn´t flash).

Core or Photon? What code is running on the device?

Core. And the code is for example “Blink an led”

That’s the code that you tried flashing i guess? I meant what was running on the core.

Anyways, perform a factory reset and try flashing the Blink an led example again :wink: