Steady Red Led problem

Hi all,
I’m hoping someone here can help me. I screwed up my two Core chips trying to connect to them on my account, forgetting that my son had rigged them into another account a few months ago. Also I changed my router since the last time I played with them. After trying for awhile, I did a factory reset.
Now I can’t get the tinker program to talk to them, though they can talk to the router and breath cyan for about three to five seconds then turn steady red. I can also reach them through the usb with putty, Spark CLI and dfu-util but not sure what I would need to do through them.


So you do manage to pass on the credentials, after which they seem to connect to the cloud? Could you check whether or not your devices show up as “online” in either the web IDE, Spark DEV, or this page? Have you already gone through the troubleshooting steps outlined in the docs?

They show as “online” on the web IDE if I restart them after opening the page. If they are already red when I go to the page they don’t. I spent a couple hours yesterday going though the docs to try and figure it out with no luck. I couldn’t find anything on a steady red led.

Can you go ahead and use the SparkCLI & DFU Util to do a full firmware upgrade?

Let me know how that goes

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