Spark core stuck rgb led solid red - can't upload firmware


Was messing around with some code today - firmware started to flash, went through to flashing magenta, kept going for a long time, then stops and goes solid red.

At that point tinker app won’t connect, can’t flash via web interface. Factory reset and then claiming via tinker successfully enabled connection back to the network, but any attempts to flash go through the long stage of flashing magenta, then finally quicker magenta, green, cyan, red.

love some help!

Does that only happen with that firmware, or with all firmware? After doing the factory reset, the Tinker app works as it should? Also, would you mind trying to flash the ‘blink an LED’ example to make sure that flashing it isn’t the problem.
While we’re at it, sharing your code might be a good way to spot any problems. If you wouldn’t mind uploading it here, it would be easier to debug.

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Hmm, I’m getting error 500s tonight when trying other firmwares.
I was able to flash the tinker app and all I tested it with was D7, which worked fine.

LCD Buses + Weather Reporter is the source of the code:

  • just trying to get I2C LCD working at the moment.

ah - found the i2c library in the online IDE. Works well :slight_smile: