Core Flashing Orange (Red and Yellow) after connection

I have a Core that is flashing Orange (Red and Yellow) after it connects the cloud. I have followed the Spark troubleshooting guide and it seems like the keys are bad on the device. I’ve attempted to swap out the keys but I think I might be doing it wrong. The core connects correctly (breaths cyan) when the tinker program is loaded onto it using the usb command line but when I attempt to load any other program (using the command line tool or the ide onto the device it restarts -> attempts to connection (flashing green, and rapid green) -> connects (cyan) -> errors out (orange) -> repeats.

Any help is appreciated, just trying to revive this little guy.


I’ve attempted to run: particle keys doctor {deviceID} and it looks like the keys were successfully refreshed but the problem still remains.

If Tinker works but not the binaries you’re flashing, then the culprit is the binary, I’d say.

BTW, there are no yellow LEDs in an RGB LED, so could you post a video of the actual color codes?

After looking at it closer the green and red LEDs are lighting up 3 times in a row then the device restarts. I’ve attempted to get a video of the LEDs but I could not get it to focus.

Here are the commands I am using to flash the device since the device does not connect to the cloud.

The test program is very simple:

void setup(){

void loop(){

You may need to reapply the CC3000 update.