Core flashes cyan then blinks orange

Hello, a few weeks ago without any known environment change or developer action (flashing firmware) my core started fast flashing cyan then blinking orange 3 times.

I have factory reset the core, successfully run setup from the cli, connected it to wifi and signaled it from the cloud console, but as soon as the tinker app is flashed to it, it resumes fast flashing cyan and orange blinking.

Running particle keys server and particle keys doctor <the uuid> at this point also succeeds but when the device restarts it resumes the same behavior.

I have also attempted to reflash the factory firmware
particle flash --factory tinker #apparently fails with message “413 Request Entity Too Large”
particle flash --usb cc3000 #succeeds
particle flash --usb tinker #succeeds

The steps from other posts did not resolve the issue:


Any ideas?


@cush, it seems the solution you tried works but some but not for others. It didn’t work for me either. I’m still poking the Particle folks to see what they can do.