Flashing magenta to blank: fails to upload

Cli is telling me the spark recieves the flash upload. The core blinks magenta a few times, then the multicolor led goes completly blank no power for a second (core still getting power). The inexplicitly goes back to the old sketch right to cyan, no green searching for wifi.

blink sketch from the online client works.
just pushed my current code- https://github.com/PaulBeaudet/ArduinoBraille/tree/sparkPort

Anyone have any ideas?

Try flashing again and see what happens. I had some encounters with this when running on a program with super tight loops and OTA not being triggered correctly sometimes.

Just try flashing again and see how it goes :smiley:

Tried again same deal, though I had already tried quite a few times before that.

The only major difference I see from my last good upload was the addition of a 13 char array. I might have ran out of ram? or maybe that is a red herron. I can reduce the size a bit… and I’ll test it on the web ide

Try spark flash firmware tinker first. Then flash your code again. When the tinker app is running, you should see reliable OTA.

Then, we have isolated the problem to the code :smiley:

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It uploaded after the tinker reflash, success!

However I found a new, possibly unrelated issue.

When I started testing the new loop I created, seems to stop on an output that would normal shut in a reasonable loop time and then the multi led starts flashing red until it resets a second later.

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Try to isolate the trouble statement with serial prints. The flashing red is the core in panic. This is could be a number of things so isolating the statement will help. Could be memory, could be a pointer, isolate the statement. Keep tinker and a blank sketch handy to overwrite. Good luck!!!

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Good to know that means panic

I have a good idea of where it might… wait… line 62 I used || instead of && which would definitely create a stack overflow

Got it! Thats my fault, thanks folks!


The core flashes SOS panic_code SOS panic_code and the panic codes are doc’ed here:



I just imagine lots of screaming and then a very hushed “oh… oops”. Not that it happens to me every day at work or anything. :wink: